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Same-Day Crowns

Do you have a damaged tooth, or suspect you may have an infected tooth which needs a crown? If so, come to Smiles for Life Family Dentistry and see one of our veteran dentists.

What Is a CEREC Crown?

A CEREC crown is built using advanced CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) technology. CEREC machines are “chair-side” CAD/CAM machines which can manufacture dental crowns, inlays and onlays, and even veneers in just a few minutes. CAD is a Computer Aided Design and CAM is Computer Aided Manufacturing. The technology has been developed over three decades and has been perfected to create crowns that fit well and look exactly like natural teeth.

At Smiles for Life Family Dentistry we use advanced CEREC technology to create and apply dental crowns in just a single appointment. If you need a dental crown, contact us; we are here to provide you with the best service when it comes to restoring your teeth.

Traditional crowns are manufactured at an outside, third-party laboratory. This means that it may take a few weeks for a crown to be delivered to a dentist and you might need to wear a temporary crown in the meantime. If you urgently need a dental crown in Rhodes Ranch, waiting may be painful and inconvenient.

CEREC crowns, on the other hand, can be manufactured and placed during a single appointment. No follow-ups and no waiting required. CEREC crowns are extremely convenient especially if you are in pain or have a function to attend in the next week or two.

When Should You Consider Getting a Same-day CEREC Crown?

CEREC crowns act in the same way as regular crowns do but save you a few visits and a lot of time waiting. You can consider getting a CEREC crown if:

•Tooth decay has damaged your tooth.

•You have a tooth that is cracked from top to bottom.

•Your tooth is weak or worn down.

•Your tooth is chipped or stained.

•After you have had a root canal.

•When you need to get a tooth replaced.

What Is The CEREC Crown Placement Process Like?

Although the timeline is faster, the process of getting a CEREC crown is similar to that of a traditional crown. First, one of the dental professionals at Smiles for Life will examine your mouth to determine if a crown is right for you. If it is the proper treatment, they will clean your teeth, and anesthetize your mouth to prepare you for the procedure.

Next, the tooth will be prepared. The doctor will use a dental drill to remove enamel, providing a stable, solid platform for the new dental crown to rest.

After this, digital impressions will be taken of the tooth and mouth. This information is sent to the CEREC machine, where the doctor will fine-tune the restoration to ensure it is properly colored and shaped. Then, using CAD/CAM technology the CEREC machine will begin creating the dental prosthesis, which takes only a few minutes.

The CEREC machine uses a 3D printing and milling method to cut the tooth-shaped crown out of a block of ceramic. Once the crown is completed, the doctor will check it for fit and quality. Once it’s perfect, he will bond it in place with a strong dental adhesive, and the procedure is complete. Let your dentist know if you require any adjustments to be made after the crown has been placed.

The entire process takes 1-2 hours, and does not require a follow-up, though patients should get in touch with Smiles for Life if they experience any complications with crown placement. The crown might feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but you will get used to it soon. If you have any difficulty biting or chewing your food with the crown, contact your dentist.

Advantages of Same-day CEREC Crowns

Some of the main advantages of getting a same-day CEREC crown are:

•The procedure takes about two weeks less than the traditional process and saves you a lot of time.

•You do not need to wear a temporary crown which could be prone to damage or getting dislodged. Temporary crowns are also uncomfortable as they don’t always fit very well.

•If you are in pain due to a crack in the tooth, the pain can be alleviated much sooner.

•Digital imagery is precise and gives you a crown that fits you perfectly.

•Ceramic looks a lot like enamel giving you a completely natural look.

•Because the crowns are prepared in the office itself, the dentist can keep a close eye on what is happening and have control over the result.

•All adjustments can be made in the dentist’s office itself and the crown does not have to be sent back to the manufacturing lab for changes.

•The tooth requires less preparation for a CEREC crown than it does for a regular crown.

•CEREC crowns are ideal for people who are uncomfortable getting a mold of their teeth taken with putty. The small camera required to get digital imprints is very small and fits comfortably in the mouth.

•Because the procedure is completed in one appointment, you can save on costs and take less time off from work as well.

Caring for CEREC Crowns

CEREC crowns do not require any special care, regular dental hygiene is enough to keep your crown clean and in good condition. Contact your dentist if you do feel any discomfort because of the crown or feel that it is not fixed in place securely.

Get a Crown In a Day

Using advanced CEREC technology, Smiles for Life offers same-day crowns in Las Vegas, Spring Valley, and Rhodes Ranch. Our team of dental professionals are dedicated to using digital technology to provide better results and exceptional service. Contact us for an appointment or if you would like more information about same-day crowns.