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Finding the right dentist for your little one is crucial when it comes to setting your child up for a lifetime of positive dental health. At Smiles for Life Family Dentistry, we do everything we can to make sure that your child has an enjoyable experience at the dentist. And we’ll work with you to help develop a healthy oral care routine that your child can carry with them into adulthood.

The Importance of Early Visits to the Dentist

According to the American Dental Association, your child’s first visit to the dentist should be scheduled by their first birthday, or within six months of their first tooth erupting. Baby teeth are important, and early checkups ensure that primary teeth grow in correctly and stay in place until they are lost naturally. A properly planned first visit can also reduce the risk of developing dental anxiety.

Building the doctor-patient relationship early on will help your child get to know the process of a dental visit, eliminating fear and stress. At Smiles for Life Family Dentistry we believe in fostering and reinforcing positive experiences with rewards at the end of treatment. So don’t be surprised if your child leaves their appointment with a balloon and a goodie bag filled with toys and stickers. Your little one may even look forward to future dental appointments!

What to Expect During Pediatric Visits

As part of our commitment to compassionate pediatric care, we want to encourage parents to reinforce positive dental health habits for their kids. Our team of dental professionals are friendly and energetic, always making visits informative and fun. We’ll teach your little ones about dental health and offer fun tips to keep teeth healthy. At Smiles for Life, your child will learn how to brush and floss properly, how to use mouthwash, and which foods are the best and the worst for teeth.

During regular checkups, your doctor will gently examine your child’s teeth and gums to assess their dental health. X-rays will be taken to track the progress of primary tooth eruption and to check for tooth decay. Fluoride treatments are often used to prevent or reverse minor cavities, regular teeth cleanings are necessary to maintain excellent oral health.

Some Common Dental Problems in Children

Tooth Decay: Cavities or tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems in children according to the American Dental Association. At least 18 percent of children in the age group of 5 to 19 have untreated tooth decay. Also called dental caries, cavities are five times more prevalent than asthma in children. Bacteria are primarily responsible for tooth decay. Foods high in sugars or carbohydrates such as candies, raisins, cake, bread or fruit juices can encourage the growth of bacteria.

Signs of a dental cavity: All children may not experience these symptoms of a dental cavity. Many times these are detected only at the routine dental visit:

  • Pain in the affected region
  • Sensitivity to cold or hot drinks or foods
  • White spots on the affected teeth which indicate damage to the enamel
  • Appearance of light brown-colored cavity
  • As the cavity goes deeper the color changes to dark brown and black

When combined with poor dental hygiene, bacterial overgrowth can damage the outer enamel of the tooth causing holes and decay. While a balanced diet along with regular flossing, brushing, rinsing are important, visiting expert dentists regularly is a crucial aspect of dental care in children. Regular professional cleaning and dental exams conducted at Smiles for Life help identify any potential problems related to tooth decay which can be addressed before they cause any permanent damage.

Bad Breath: Bad breath is another common problem in children and is also caused by oral bacteria. These microbes collect in the gums, tongue, tonsils or on the surface of the throat resulting in chronic bad breath. Regular flossing and brushing of gums, tongue and teeth are very important to prevent or get rid of bad breath. If bad breath persists despite all of these measures, your child needs immediate attention of our dental experts. There could be other causes also for persistent bad breath which can include digestive disorders, chronic sinusitis or inflamed tonsils. Smiles for Life is equipped with the latest in technology including 3D imaging, CT imaging and digital radiography which enable our dentists to find out the root cause of dental problems in children.

Crowded Teeth: Bad bite or malocclusion is a frequently encountered orthodontic problem in children. This could be a hereditary problem or the result of habits. Malocclusion results in jaw dysfunction, jaw pain, dental decay, and low confidence. Our dental experts can identify the cause of crowded teeth and suggest the best remedial action in time. The right kind of treatment at the right time can help restore your child’s million-dollar smile and confidence, apart from optimizing his or her dental health.

Benefits of Regular Pediatric Visits

At Smiles for Life, we’ll treat your family as an extension of our own. We are a passionate group of healthcare providers who want to help you and your children maintain great oral health for life. Starting the journey to dental health early and visiting regularly has many benefits.

Get into good habits: Regular visits encourage the development of strong oral hygiene habits.

Find the problems fast: Routine care can help prevent the formation of cavities and other issues, as we will be able to identify problems quickly.

Prevent dental anxiety: Introducing your child to the dentist at a young age and getting them comfortable with a routine will make them less likely to be nervous about going to the dentist. This encourages a healthy lifelong attitude towards the dentist!

The team at Smiles for Life Family Dentistry is here to help your children maintain healthy smiles as they grow. Contact us today to set up an appointment with a member of our dental team. You can also schedule online for gentle, quality care in a compassionate environment. We’ll always make sure your child is comfortable at Smiles for Life Family Dentistry!