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Crooked teeth aren’t just unattractive; they also put you at risk of serious dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease. To keep your teeth straight and healthy, Smiles for Life Family Dentistry offers orthodontic therapy options at their state-of-the-art office in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you want to schedule an appointment with John Quinn, DMD, and the team, call Smiles for Life Family Dentistry or book a visit online.

Orthodontics Q & A

What is orthodontics?

If you have problems with crooked teeth, malocclusion (a bad bite), large gaps between your teeth, or overcrowding, you may need orthodontic therapy to keep your teeth and jaw in alignment.

Smiles for Life Family Dentistry utilizes a fully digital process when straightening your smile. Not only do they provide digital scans to avoid messy impression molds, the team also offers affordable payment plans to suit any budget.

Why would I need orthodontic care?

While most people want straight teeth to improve the appearance of their smile, crooked teeth or a misaligned bite also raises your risk of serious health oral concerns, including:

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Jaw pain
  • Headaches
  • Tooth pain
  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • Excessive tooth wear
  • Tooth loss

Over time, misaligned teeth can put pressure on your jaw joint and surrounding muscles, making it difficult to chew without pain.

Which orthodontic treatments will improve my smile?

Smiles for Life Family Dentistry offers several treatments to transform the appearance of your smile, straighten crooked teeth, and correct a misaligned bite. Some options include:


ClearCorrect aligners provide discreet options for straightening your teeth without metal wires and bulky brackets. These clear aligners are custom-made to fit over your teeth, so most people won’t even be able to tell you’re wearing them.

ClearCorrect aligners are removable and must be worn for 22 hours a day, making them the perfect option for those who don’t want conventional fixed braces. In addition to straightening crooked teeth, ClearCorrect can correct spacing and crowding problems, as well as malocclusion.


Veneers are thin porcelain shells that bond to your teeth to hide imperfections, such as cracked or chipped teeth, misshapen teeth, and crooked teeth. While they don’t straighten your teeth, veneers are a great option if you want your teeth to look more uniform for cosmetic reasons.


Much like veneers, dental bonding can change the appearance of your teeth. It’s often used to hide chipped teeth and cracks, but it can also fill in gaps in your smile.

Smiles for Life Family Dentistry strives for perfection when it comes to straightening your smile. For expert care in a friendly environment, call the office or book an appointment online.