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Dedicated to providing premier dental care for your entire family

At Smiles for Life Family Dentistry, our team of friendly, knowledgeable professionals are dedicated to providing comprehensive cosmetic and family dental care. With strong roots in the local community, the team at Smiles for Life have made it their mission to bring a lifetime of smiles to the residents of Las Vegas, Summerlin and Spring Valley, as well as the area codes 89148, 89113, and 89178 who are also our friends and neighbors.

Our state-of-the-art dental office utilizes the latest, most advanced technology and techniques available to care for your oral health, including same-day CEREC crowns using digital scanning and computer-aided dental technology, which allows us to make very precise digital impressions and fit crowns in just one visit. Our office is also very family friendly, with a warm, comfortable environment designed to make your visit a pleasant, relaxing experience. Make an appointment today and we’ll keep you and your whole family smiling for a lifetime!


Why do your teeth need expert care?

Your smile is your best asset! Thousands of Americans agree that the smile is the top physical feature that contributes to the attractiveness of both men and women. In fact, 50 percent of Americans believe having a perfect smile takes a higher priority than having a better physique or eyes.

Research also shows that people with straight and white teeth are perceived as being smart and 38 percent of people say that they would not date someone with crooked or misaligned teeth! Broken, damaged or misaligned teeth make people more self-conscious and less confident and hesitant to flash their best smile. At least 77 percent of adults think crooked or misaligned teeth impacted their professional and social lives.


Everyone at Smiles for Life Family Dentistry is committed to making your visits pleasant and stress-free.

Apart from cosmetic concerns, teeth and the oral cavity are prone to a host of health problems including stains, decay, infections, bad breath, trauma, oral cancer and much more. Studies also show that 69 percent of Americans have more than one missing tooth. Natural aging problems, inborn structural defects, caffeine, excess consumption of dark-colored foods or tobacco can all take away the natural shine of teeth. Bone diseases and gum infections can make teeth fall out prematurely.

Misaligned teeth can have significant health consequences apart from the difficulty in chewing or talking. They are difficult to access while flossing or brushing which increases the risk of bacterial overgrowth, leading to decay. Some people have a problem with grinding their teeth while sleeping, leading to wearing out of the outer enamel of their teeth. This makes teeth hypersensitive to different food temperatures.


“The Doctors and Staff are amazing. Extremely friendly, gentle and kind, making your visit very pleasant.”


Genuine Care, Gentle Approach

Meet Our Team

At Smiles for Life Family Dentistry, we have perfected the art of creating the most relaxed atmosphere where our patients enjoy the entire experience of dental rejuvenation.

What’s different about Smiles for Life Family Dentistry?

Smiles for Life Family Dentistry’s focus is always on your comfort and excellence in dental care. We understand the impact oral health has on overall health, your professional and social life and your confidence! We have the best in quality care and treatments, all under one roof, fully aimed at helping you take pride in your pearly whites and put your best smile forward!

Combined with the best in cutting-edge technology, a highly qualified and accomplished team of dental professionals, smile managers and smile builders, we offer unparalleled service with a generous dose of personal care and attention.

Our team is exposed to continuing education that enables them to stay current on best practices and the latest in dental technology and techniques. The team at Smiles for Life Family Dentistry is happy to answer any questions while explaining the procedures and listening to all your concerns. We proudly service the 89113, 89148, and 89178 zip codes as well as our surrounding neighborhoods.


Services You Trust

The latest in teeth restoration CEREC same day crowns make it possible for you to avoid multiple visits to the dentist’s office! The high-quality ceramic used in CEREC makes your teeth look flawless and natural in one visit! The latest technology lets us take 3D images in no time as compared to messy impressions that can be annoying.

We achieve excellent results when it comes to repairing chipped, broken or misaligned teeth, as well as discolored and irregular teeth using porcelain veneers. The team of dental professionals at Smiles for Life evaluate your dental health thoroughly before recommending the right treatment options for you. Dramatic results are what our patients generally experience!

Dental Implant
Dental implants, a specialized tooth restoration, are composed of two parts, a “post” and a “crown”. The post is inserted directly into the gum tissue, in order to serve as an artificial “root”. A ceramic crown that will mimic the shape, appearance, and color of your original tooth is then placed, restoring full functionality and health.

Root Canal
The team of dental professionals at Smiles for Life have specialized endodontic training and are seasoned veterans at performing wide-ranging endodontic treatments in the facility. Their expertise in root canal therapies, apicoectomy, endodontic retreatment, and traumatic injury treatments make Smiles for Life the go-to destination as far as dental care is concerned.


Services You Trust