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10 Outstanding Benefits of Invisalign

Knock knock? Who’s there? You’re your favorite dentist! At Smiles for Life Family Dentistry, we use the power of Invisalign to give you straight, clean, and beautiful teeth. Picture-perfect smiles aren’t restricted to Hollywood celebrities anymore. We offer the highest quality of clear braces near you in Las Vegas, Nevada. We base all our treatments on the most advanced techniques and tools available to guarantee outstanding results. 


Interested? Here are ten benefits of Invisalign that’ll leave you speechless: 


  1. Invisalign is Virtually Invisible. Everyone wants straight teeth, but not everyone wants to wear traditional braces. Braces are essentially large billboard signs that say, “I’m straightening my teeth.” With Invisalign, however, nobody will notice! Its thin, transparent plastic is almost invisible. 
  2. Oral Hygiene is Easy. Braces were notorious for their rigorous cleaning schedule. Not only were they difficult to clean, but they also provided space for debris buildup. With Invisalign, you take off your pair before brushing or flossing. As such, healthy habits are easy to maintain. 
  3. Invisalign is Comfortable. Invisalign is 3D-rendered to match your teeth perfectly. Instead of relying on arbitrary wires and brackets, Invisalign puts even pressure on each tooth. Not only is the straightening process more comfortable, but they’re also removable. This allows your teeth to breathe and relax throughout the day.
  4. Invisalign is Removable. One of the most significant benefits of Invisalign is its removability. This simple benefit allows you to eat anything, monitor your progress, brush quickly, relieve pain, and more. 
  5. Less Time at the Dentist. You’d visit your dentist every 4-6 weeks with braces for tightening. These sessions are nearly unavoidable and painful. While you’ll still see the dentist regularly with Invisalign, sessions will be shorter, more comfortable, and farther between.
  6. No Dietary Restrictions. Braces were notorious for their diet. You weren’t allowed to eat hard, chewy, crunchy, or sticky foods- a significant portion of all foods! With Invisalign, you remove your aligners before eating. This allows you to eat anything like normal. 
  7. Never Worry about Orthodontic Emergencies. A lot can go wrong with braces- with so many wires, brackets, and rules; something’s bound to happen. With Invisalign, you’ll never have to worry about a broken bracket and running to the dentist in a hurry. Invisalign is powerful and won’t break easily. 
  8. Increase Physical Appearance. Invisalign straightens your teeth! Not only are straighter teeth more robust, but they also look better. Get rid of pesky crookedness and misalignment, and give your smile a clean edge that’ll make you look fantastic. Whether you’re looking for a job promotion or a date, straight teeth will give you an edge over your competitors. 
  9. Improve Speech. Crooked, misaligned teeth mess with your speech. While it may be unnoticeable, you’ll undoubtedly hear an improvement by the end of treatment! This is because our teeth govern how we sound; straight teeth allow you to pronounce and speak more clearly. 
  10. Invisalign is Popular. If it works for them, it can work for you too! Over 14 million people have used Invisalign to upgrade their smiles.


Clear Braces Near Me

Invisalign offers a fool-proof method for anyone looking to straighten their teeth quickly! Not only is Invisalign removable, invisible, and practical, you’ll never have to worry about pesky wires or orthodontic emergencies. Smiles for Life Family Dentistry offers high-quality Invisalign for everyone looking to upgrade their physical appearance.


Our dentists, Dr. John M. Quinn, Dr. M. Joseph Wills, and Dr. Paul M. Leatham, have decades of combined experience and use only the most advanced tools. You’ll never have to worry about quality- in fact, you won’t have to worry about anything! We look forward to giving you a bright, healthy smile for years to come. 


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