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Pros and Cons of Dental Bondings

As Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!” If this is the case, our dental bonding is super-ultra sophisticated. Why? Glad you asked. Our bonding uses a special resin to restore your teeth to their original shape and appearance- especially after cracks or chips. With advanced technology and an elite team, we offer the highest-quality dental bonding in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


What is Dental Bonding? 

Accidents such as biting on ice cubs, glass bottles, or physical trauma can leave teeth cracked, misshapen, or chipped. Dental bonding is a light cosmetic procedure that restores teeth to their original shape damage. Bonding uses a composite resin that will fill, fix, and reshape your teeth to their former glory! Our resin looks and feels natural so that nobody will know the difference. With proper care, bonds typically last 3-10 years and can be completed within a single visit. 


Pros of Dental Bonding:

The pros of dental bonding include the following:


  • Minimally Invasive. While other treatments, such as porcelain veneers or dental crowns, require more tampering, dental bonding is more minimally invasive. We can easily remove the composite at any time without causing long-term damage.
  • Little time commitment. Dental bonding can be completed during a lunch break and can last you for years- an excellent time investment! We can complete the entire bonding process in a single visit. 
  • It Looks Natural. Dental bonding is both shaped and colored to be as natural as possible. Bonds keep your smile looking fresh, honest, and smooth. We create resin from a tooth-colored material virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth. Nobody will notice! 
  • Low-Level Maintenance. Dental bonds require no special care or medication. Once we complete the procedure, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your life. As long as you maintain healthy habits (such as brushing, flossing, and general checkups), your dental bonds will be A-Ok. 
  • Extremely Versatile. We use composite resin in various ways to effectively treat a variety of challenges. Is your tooth chipped? There’s no need for a surgical replacement or invasive treatment. Dental bonding offers a quick, temporal, and easy fix. 
  • No Major Risks. Dental bonds are minimally invasive and use a safe, biocompatible resin. The risks and drawbacks are virtually zero. While other treatments may be more permanent, they also have more potential side effects. 


Cons of Dental Bonding:

The cons of dental bonding include the following:


  • Less Durable. While extremely convenient, it has a drawback: bonding is less permanent and more prone to damage. Dental bondings typically need to be replaced every ten years or when damaged. Dental crowns, veneers, and bridges benefit from a longer lifespan due to their invasive, more permanent nature. 
  • Prone to Stains. Many of our treatments are stain-resistant, but dental bonds are not. The resin is prone to absorbing and collecting stains over time. If keeping your teeth spick-and-span is vital, consider veneers or dental crowns instead. 
  • Extra Care Required. You’ll need to be extra cautious of hard foods and biting on non-edibles- such as ice, pens, and fingernails. Hard substances can cause chips or breakage, requiring a dental bonding makeover. Due to their more fragile nature, dental bonds require minimal care. 


Dental Bonding in Las Vegas, Nevada

Invest in your smile with the highest care, expertise, and treatment available. Smiles for Life Family Dentistry is proud to offer you the most comfortable, effective, and safe treatment. Our dentists, Dr. John M. Quinn, Dr. M Joseph Wills, and Dr. Paul M. Leatham, are time-proven experts with decades of experience. We have your best interests at heart!


Schedule an appointment today to get started. 

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